Strong Street 393ci Cleveland

This is a great street package with strong torque, heaps of power and something thats nice to drive.

Going into an XB Coupe it will be a nice bit of gear on the street. 

416ci LS3 Stroker 625Hp 4x4

This is a little video we took at an event we attended to see one of our 416ci LS3 packages in action in an extreme 4x4. Unfortunately it broke two axles and they rolled the car, the rest is cool though.

350 Chev 6/71 Blown Hotrod

Everyone loves a blown street engine? This one is our entry level package which is a nice strong street/hotrod cruiser without added expense for an outright competition engine.

427ci Eleanor Windsor F.A.S.T EFI 

Gone in Seconds inspired 427ci Windsor built for an Eleanor Mustang Replica.

With all of the usual good gear we use inc: Dart Block, AFR CNC Ported Heads, HYd Roller Cam it will be at home in the Stang.

ProCharged Harley

A couple of the boys dropped into the shop to say g'day the other day and show us the newly installed ProCharger on this Harley. They love it and say it goes very well.

Give us a call if you want one.

383ci LS1 Stroker w/F1A Procharger

This VX GTS became a serious beast when we built a custom 383ci LS1 Stroker engine with all forged internals, the F1A ProCharger Race Kit on very low boost it almost made 500rwkw​​/670whp.

363ci Boss/Clevor

Its a unique combo, but is certainly one of our favourites. With 363ci of goodness in a Dart Block, set up with CHI Cleveland 3V Heads, Solid Roller Cam ect. This will make a tough streeter.​​

Tough Street 445ci Windsor 8/71 Dyno 

This beast is a true street package with Low Comp, Low Boost, Low RPM & Pump Fuel.

But it is not shy on Big on Power & Torque with over 700HP in the mildest tune. This will make 1000HP with Meth/Boost/Tune. 

350ci Jet Sprint Boat Engine 

This was a cool challenge, building a 350ci Chev engine for the Australian V8 Superboat series to be as powerful as possible whilst still following the rules to the T. I think we did really well with this one. Very cool.

Slimey Chev Pick-Up SBC Freshen-Up

SLIMEY.. This was a basic 350 Chev engine freshen up at Horsepower World with nice cam and alloy heads for this tidy Chev Pick-Up. A nice note, goes good and a happy customer. All is good.

Tyre Shredding Madness

We helped Donny out to get into winning form for many of Australia's most serious burnout comps. If you want a competition winning burnout rig, give us a call for the best in tyre popping, high RPM action.

6/71 Blown 355 Holden Stroker

Top 60 in the Summernats hall 2014 is a tough place to get your pride and joy. This VL is one such beast complimented with one of our strong 355 Holden Stroker 6/71 E85 gulping weopons.

High Torque 363ci Windsor 

With specific requirements of as much torque down low as possible. This was a great engine combo for a nice street or offroad car. Small hyd roller cam, small heads ect. This lived up to expectations 

363ci XW Falcon Boss/Clevor Dyno

We built this 363 Boss package for a costomer a while back, although he sent us in a quick video of the car on the dyno, so we thought we should put it on here. We're told its awesome and he couldnt be happier.

Black 'n Billet 410ci Windsor

Who doesnt like Black and Billet? This one looked the part and also has plenty of go to match the show, with over 500ftlbs of stump pulling torque at 3000rpm and 525ftlbs peak torque and close to 500hp.