572ci HEMI Street/Strip Engine.

This engine was built for us by Steve Morris at the time for our customer in New Zealand, who wanted a super tough "streetable" engine for his '68 Dodge Charger. This should do the job?

300C Chrysler Procharger Install: 1.

We did a ProCharger install and a Cat-Back exhaust on this 300C 5.7ltr. It finished up with a nice power gain of around 100hp at the wheels and made a fairly quick street car.

489ci BBC F2 Procharged 57 Chev.

How's this for a nice streeter? Driven as much as possible with a tough 489ci Big Block Chev and an F2 Procharger hanging off the side. Its certainly a sweet ride.

408ci Iron Block LS Procharged.

We set this beast up with a 408ci Iron Block LS Package and D1SC Procharger. At the time the customer didnt want to go overboard with a cam but it still ended up as a super strong street car. 

427ci Blown Injected SB Chev.

Here is a nice blown, injected SB Chev.

Dart Block, All Forged Internals, AFR CNC Ported Heads, Hyd Roller Cam.

Going into an old Monaro this will make a tough street car.

LS2 6.0 550hp Jet Sprint Boat.

This is one of our complete LS Engine Packages from back in 2009. As you can see it went into a Jet Sprint Boat that ran well and consistantly runs well to this day. Not bad for a first drive either.

496ci 10/71 Blown BB Chev on E85.

We built this tough Big Block Chev for a customer who wanted to stay under 500ci and run E85 fuel for a front engined nostalgia dragster. As it turned out the customer was very happy​​

400ci Tough Street SB Chev 550hp

This customer wanted a strong and tough street engine. So we suggested to go for this 400ci package with Dart Block, AFR CNC Ported Heads, Hyd Roller Cam ect, With 550hp he loves it..  

ProCharged Harley at the track.

We set these guys up with a ProCharger for there tough Harley Dyna Lo Rider.  They have it fairly well sorted now with around 200hp at the rear wheel and torque thats off the scale.

LSX 440ci Build for Boost.

Of coarse we love LS Engines. Here's one we built for a High Boost TWin Turbo application. JE Asymetrical Pistons, Callies Crank & Rods, Mast LS7 CNC Ported Heads ect. This will be 1500hp.

427ci Ford Boss/Clevor.

A big cube, tough CHI Cleveland headed, street engine package built a while back for a customer who wanted something that sounded tough, made around 600hp and was nice enough to drive.

363ci Windsor 500hp A/C Cobra

This little beauty is one of our 500hp 363ci Windsor packages with Dart Block, AFR Heads Roller Cam ect. Still nice to drive although this little Cobra still has plenty of bite. A nice overall package.

300C Chrysler Full Build Version 2.

After the first job we did on this car the customer came back and wanted to get serious. This time we built it with a 1000hp 392ci F1R Procharged engine, driveline, fuel system, brakes and susp.

Tough 6/71 Blown Holden 355ci.

This is a nice Holden 355 package with a 6/71 Billet case Blower, All Forged Internals, Alloy Heads, Large Hyd Roller Cam, ICE Igniton ect. Installed in the car it made top 60 at Summernats 2014.

F1R ProCharged 363ci Windsor.

This is a seriously tough 363ci Windsor Package we set up for a drag car running an F1R ProCharger.

Dart Block, AFR CNC Ported Heads, Solid Roller Valvetrain. This will run hard.