How Do I Place An Order?​
We have tried very hard to make sure your shopping experience with us is very safe, simple and enjoyable.

Simply browse the categories in the Online Store. Find the items you like and add them to your cart. When you are ready you can finalise your order by pressing the BUY NOW button. You will be then directed to a safe and secure payment option. As soon as payment is made it will be processed for delivery. Some items may be specially ordered in to complete your order. You will be continually notified of the progress of your order until it arrives at your door. If you have any questions on any of our products or services please don't hesitate to ask whatever you need to know by going to our Contact Us link.

Secure Payment & Shipping
The safest and most secure payment methods have been set up to work best with what is most

convenient to you. You can shop with confidence, knowing your payments are safe and secure.

Please note: Payments made by credit card may be subject to up to a 2.5% surcharge.

All larger items purchased are shipped via TNT or Toll. Most smaller items will be sent via

Australia Post. Full tracking to your door is available on all purchases big or small.

You will be notified with the progress of your order including if there are any delays or any items

that may have to be back-ordered. Making it easy to keep track of your order from start to finish.

Trading Terms, Returns & Warranty
Our Warranty & Returns Policy on Parts.

We understand that occasionally a return or warranty claim needs to be made and we will certainly help you out by being as fair and reasonable as possible. Listed below is our returns and warranty policy which applies to all of our online, phone, trade show or in store sales or any other purchases related to Braidwood Performance Engines or via Horsepower World or any Third Party or Reseller of our products.
# In the event that you have received goods that have been incorrectly supplied by us or deemed to be not suitable for the required application, you will need to notify us within 7 days of receiving the goods to be entitled to a full refund, credit or exchange. In the case that we have made a mistake, we will help you by covering the return postage and re-delivery for an exchange, a full refund or in store credit. The goods will need to be returned in "as new" condition and be suitable for re-sale in the original packaging in good condition. Otherwise a 20% re-stocking fee may apply. Any items that have been fitted or used in any way will not be able to be refunded.
# If for what ever reason you have purchased the wrong item(s) by mistake or incorrectly we can still offer you a store credit or exchange as above, if we are notified within 7 days of receiving the goods. Although you will be required to cover the return postage and re-delivery for an exchange and may be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.
# Special Order or Custom Made items including Partial or Complete Engines can not be returned, credited or refunded.
# In the event we have any form of Used/Second-Hand or Clearance item for sale that you have purchased this will have no warranty and will not be refunded or credited.
# By completing any purchase from us either on this website, via ebay or any other third party website, over the phone, at a trade show or in store you are deemed to have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions for any refund, credit, exchange or warranty claim listed above.
Partial or Complete Engine Warranty.
Please Note: We always will use the best brands and components available for your complete or partial engine. The package will always be build to the highest standard and every effort will be taken to ensure you receive the best product possible to suit your requirements and budget. However in the unusual event that you are not satisfied with the engine partial or complete package, due to the nature of most of our engines being for High Performance, Racing or Competition use and potentially can be subject to extreme conditions NO WARRANTY can be offered on ## RACING ENGINES ##.
We do offer a conditional 30 day warranty for any of our COMPLETE STREET ENGINES that have been dyno run and tuned by us.


# Parts supply: In every case possible we use the exact parts specified in our quotes or agreed packages. Although in the event the exact part is not available at the time or will cause significant delay, we may select to use an equivalent quality and value component from a different brand or supplier to perform the to the same or better level. This may be done without notice if on a strict timeline with the build.

# No warranty will be offered for any Racing Engines or Engines deemed to be Competition Engines of any manner, or Street engines that are used for a purpose other than what it was designed/built.
# Notification of any issue with a Street Engine will need to be received by us within 30 days of receiving the engine or no action can be taken.
# No Warranty will be given if the engine has any form of damage caused by or has been: Over-heated, Over-revved, Abused, Parts Failure, Fire, Flood or Water Damage, Incorrectly Installed or Finished  Off, Incorrectly Tuned, Had Incorrect Bolt-Ons Installed, Consumed Water/Coolant or Fluid, Bad or Incorrect Fuel, Run with Incorrect Oil, Without Oil, Lack of Maintenance or Used for a purpose in a way in which it was not Designed or Built for.
# No Warranty can be offered for any Complete or Partial Engines built with any "Customer Supplied" or Used/Secondhand parts.
# In the rare and unusual event there is an issue for a STREET ENGINE only, and it is reported to us within 30 days we will take action to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible.
# In the event of ANY issue. We will NOT be liable or subject to any costs related to: Removal and Re-Installation of the Engine from a Vehicle, Return Shipping or Re-Delivery of the Engine, Towing or Vehicle Transportation, Re-Tuning, Labour or any Related Costs or Consumables or any Costs if you choose to take/send the engine to a third or other non-related party for repair or rebuild.
#  By completing any purchase from us either on this website, via ebay or any other third party website, over the phone, at a trade show or in store you are deemed to have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions for any refund, credit, exchange or warranty claim listed above.

Factory Five Racing or OZE Hot Rod Kits.

# Pricing / Costs:

When you order a kit or complete car build, we provide a price guide (estimate) of what the total cost including the currency exchange, all taxes, shipping costs of the complete order delivered to our door in Brisbane.

A Non-Refundable deposit is paid to place the order.

Due to the extended time frame between ordering the kit and when the kit is ready to ship from the supplier (Est. 6mths),

We recalculate the balance of the order based on the current US$ at the time the shipment is finished and due to be shipped out.

Shipping Cost are also recalculated at the time of shipment as this may have changed from the time of ordering. 

Then the final price is given and this is the actual total cost to be paid. No hidden charges or costs are added.

*Insurance during transit is NOT included in shipping costs.. See below for details.

# Shipping / Insurance:

With any kits ordered through us we take care of the shipping costs and related taxes and charges when we finalise the pricing for the kit.

However, please be aware NO INSURANCE during transit is included in shipping costs...

If you wish to arrange insurance during transit for your kit we can help with a good sea freight insurance broker's details for you to contact or you can find your own if you wish to.

If you decide to not include insurance for your kit during transit, this is done at your own risk.

WE will not be liable for any loss or damage to your kit during transport if anything unfortunate happens. 

# Missing Parts / Shortages / Back Orders:

A list of any missing parts from kits should be provided in writing to Horsepower World within 14 days of receiving the kit.

The list will be forwarded to Factory Five Racing and most backorders or missing parts are able to be shipped on our next container.

Worldwide shortages due to COVID have made this process a bit of a struggle. Although if you have any issues we will sort it out for you but please be patient in these difficult times. Hopefully any supply issues will be resolved soon and things get back to normal asap.

Please report any missing parts or incorrectly supplied parts within the first week of receiving your kit. Its then noted with Factory Five and its our aim to get any missing parts to be supplied on our next container that leaves. If its extremely urgent we may be able to get Factory Five to Air Frieght it to you directly, although shipping charges will apply.

# Engineering / Certification / Registration:

Engineering Certification/Approval & Registration for any kits from Factory Five Racing , OZE Hot Rods or any other manufacturer we supply is the responsibility of yourself "the purchaser/builder".

.. We will help as much as possible by providing a network of people who can assist with this process.

.. We also have a range of testing figures and previous tests to assist with the process.

Be aware we are just supplying a kit for you to build a car. The final finish, engineering approval/certification is up to you as the builder. 

# Complete or Partial Builds:

In the case of any 100% Complete Cars or Partial Cars built by us at Horsepower World, we will help with engineering process as much as possible for your desired state or territory throughout the build. In most cases we will get full approval with our certified engineers.

Although it CAN NOT be 100% guaranteed.  As the state and federal laws govern what can and cant be done or is possible. Unfortunately this is out of our controls if the rules change. We will do what ever is possible to make it happen for you.

Vehicle Storage & Care.

Any vehicles in our possession, we will respect your pride and joy and will treat it with the highest level of care and attention as if it was our own pride and joy. Although all care will be taken, we will not be responsible for any possible damage or theft that is unlikely but could occur to your vehicle while its in our care. It is your responsibility as the owner of the vehicle to have the correct insurance cover in place.

# Unfinished Projects. If we are working on your vehicle and its removed or taken from the premises before its completed, tested or finalised. It is deemed you will accept responsibility to finish the job yourself. Meaning any costs or amounts related to finishing the vehicle are up to you. We will not be charged for any re-work or finishing/testing costs or for any work from a third party.


Thank you for shopping Horsepower World!