Mitsubitshi 4G63/T Perf/Race Engine Rebuild Kit Lancer EVO 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9
#####(THE PICTURE shown may not be actual engine kit.)#####

Mitsubitshi Race / Street High Performance Engine Kit

These kits include the following high quality parts:

JE Extreme Turbo Forged Piston Set:.020"

Hastings Chrome Moly Rings,

Permaseal Performance MLS Head Gaskets,

ARP Head Stud Kit,

ARP Main Stud Kit,

King RACE Tri-lecular Main & Rod Bearings w/Trust Washers,

Scat 4340 Forged H-Beam Con-Rods w/ARP Bolts.

When Ordering please specify What Engine you have?

What Size Pistons and Rings and What Size Engine Bearings you need?

We can supply any other parts you might need at very good prices, inc:

Heads, Cams, Rockers, Carbies, Manifolds, Sumps, Stroker Kits,

Oil Pumps, Timing Sets, Blocks, Cranks, Rods ect ect.

Feel free to ask for anything you might need for your project !

Mitsubitshi 4G63/T Perf/Race Engine Rebuild Kit