PH5315 - Holden HQ-HJ-HX-HZ-WB 283-400 V8 Small Block Chev Manual & Automatic Tuned Design Competition Header

P/Steering: Yes
Gasket: DSF 9
Air Cond.: No
Prim. Pipe: 1 3/4" 44mm
Oxy. Sen. N/A
Sec. Pipe: -
E.G.R.: N/A
Outlet (collector):3" 76mm
Y Branch:N/A
Fitting Time: 2Hrs


Will fit slant plug heads
Will not fit column automatic
Will fit turbo 400 automatic
Will not fit Powerglide Auto
Will only fit with original engine mounting spacers or Pacemaker spacers part number Pemp 350

Note: Spacers must be fitted on correct side of vehicle. (RH spacer is 1 3/4" high, LH spacer is 1 1/4" high)

Holden HQ-WB Chev SB 283-400 V8 TUNED Competition