Holden 308-5ltr V8 355ci Street/Strip Stroker Kit w/ SCAT Crank & I-Rods F/T SRP

Get some real grunt from your 308 or 5ltr Holden V8 with these

High Quality Stroker Kits from Horsepower World.

This Kit will take your 308 or 5LTR out to

355ci using the following quality components:


Horsepower World Holden 355 Stroker

Flat Top SRP Forged Piston

Street/Strip Kit:

## SCAT 9000 Series Crankshaft,

## SCAT 4340 Forged I-Beam Rods w/ARP Cap Screws,

## Flat Top SRP Forged Pistons & Hastings Moly Rings,

## with King, Clevtie or ACL Main & Con-Rod Bearings.

# When ordering please specify the Bore Size Required#

Available Piston Sizes: .020" - .030" - .040"

We have all of the Performance & Racing Products for anything else you might need for your project.

We only sell high quality products and this kit is put together with the best components available for the application.

Holden 308-5ltr V8 355ci Street/Strip Stroker Kit

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