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Ford Ranger DPF 2.0ltr Bi-Turbo 2018-2020.

3.5" Exhaust System with this package


Performance Exhaust - High Flow Air Cleaner - Snorkel Kit - Oil Catch Can - Fuel Pre-FilterIntercooler Upgrade - Transmission Cooler - Throttle ControllerInstallation & Custom Tuning Options and more available by request.



Or Ask about our Professional Installation in Brisbane or at any of our valued dealers throught the country.





Performance 3" Stainless Steel or Aluminised High Flow Exhaust. Many other options available. 3.5" and even 4" Systems available for some vehicles

## DPF SYSTEMS are supplied as DPF back, Pipe Only (NO MUFFLER).

Or a small muffler can be included with no extra charge. ##

## TURBO BACK SYSTEMS are supplied standard with a small muffler. A large muffler can be added for an extra $45 ##


High Flow Air Cleaner:

K&N High Flow Air Cleaner. (BMC or Aeroflow Performance used if K&N is unavailable). Makes your engine breath a lot better than factory air cleaners. Performance gains are noticable just with this air cleaner. The filter is cleanable and re-usable. This will last the lifetime of the vehicle.



Safari Snorkel Kit. High Quality, Looks good and performs well. A direct flow of cool clean air for your engine. If your are crossing deep water this is essential.


Oil Seperator / Oil Catch Can:

Pro Series Oil Catch Can. Vehicle specific kits where available. Includes Pro Series Oil Catch Can, Mounting Bracket, Hoses, Clamps & Fittings. These are the best on the market.


Fuel / Water Seperator Kit:

A very critical part of a modern Diesel vehicle is to keep water out of the the fuel system as it can cause survere fuel system, injectors and engine problems or major failures. You can add the best vehicle specific Water/Fuel seperator kits to improve the efficiecy of your vehicles fuel system dramatically right here in this package. Supplied with a fully automated system. DIRECTION PLUS PRELINE SYSTEMS are used to warn you of water in the fuel.

Water Seperator Video.


Intercooler Upgrade:

PWR and other premium brands available. A great upgrade when towing or if you want more reliable and consistent cooler inlet temps in any conditions. Most kits available in Alloy or Black Powdercoated finish.


Transmission Cooler:

If you are towing, doing hard runs on the beach or offroad it is essential to keep your transmission oil cool and the best way to do that is with our premium vehicle specific Transmission Cooler Kit. Includes Cooler, Brackets, Lines, Clamps & Hardware.


Throttle Controller:

A great way to improve the throttle respose and feel of your vehicle without the need for a full custom tune. These controllers are a premium plug and play product that greatly improves the throttle respone as it removes throttle delay from the pedal. If larger gains are required a custom tune is the way to go. This is a good option if you are not custom tuning the vehicle. YOU DO NOT NEED THIS IF YOU ARE GETTING A CUSTOM TUNE/REMAP.



Professional Installation available at our private location on the South side of Brisbane. Bookings Essential.


Custom Tuning:

To get the most out of the performance upgrades added to your vehicle, we recommend custom tuning or remapping, for normal driving, towing and serious performance. Contact us to discuss the available tuning options.

We have one of the best performance Diesel tuners in Australia who can optimise the performance of your vehicle.





Dont see what you need?:

We have listed only a few good options to improve the performance and reliability of your vehicle. If you dont see what you need please contact us and we will be happy to help with the best options to suit your requirements.


We also have many other individual items to enhance your vehicle, please have a good look around in our store or contact us if you dont see what you need.

Ford Ranger 2.0L Bi-Turbo DPF Performance & Efficiency System