PH 4030 - Falcon XR-XY & Fairlane ZA-ZD Competition. 289-302 Windsor. Manual & Automatic. TUNED Design.

Part #: PH 4030
P/Steering: No
Gasket: DSF 3
Air Con: Yes
Primary Pipe: 1⅝" (41mm)
Oxy Sen: N/A
Secondary Pipe: -
E.G.R: N/A
Outlet: 3" (76mm)
Y Branch: N/A
Fitting Time: 3 Hrs


Will fit XA - XF engine swap
Will not fit column manual
Column auto requires linkage modification
Will not fit with GT40 Heads as fitted to 302W AU II due to Spark Plug angle

Falcon XR-XY & Fairlane ZA-ZD 289-302W TUNED Comp