PH 4095-2 - Falcon XR-XY. 351 4V Cleveland. 2" Primary. Manual & Automatic. TUNED Design.

Part #: PH 4095-2
P/Steering: No
Gasket: DSF 18
Air Con: N/A
Primary Pipe: 2" (51mm)
Oxy Sen: N/A
Secondary Pipe: -
E.G.R: N/A
Outlet: 3½" (89mm)
Y Branch: N/A
Fitting Time: 3 Hrs


Will not fit C6 and F.M.X automatics
Must have remote solenoid starter fitted
Will not fit C4 automatic with dipstick in sump unless dipstick tube is modified

Falcon XR-XY 351C 4V 2" Primary TUNED Competition