BAF 250 - Falcon BA-BF 6 Cylinder. 2½" Dual Stainless Steel Cat Back System.

Part #: BAF250
Center Assembly: BAF250C
Rear Muffler: BAFXT250R

Note: Will Fit with Factory O.E. Catalytic Converter Or Pacemaker Hi-Flow Cat – Part No. CAT4490-95


Rolled End Caps
409 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tubing
Straight Through Design Mufflers

Hi Flow Stainless Steel Metal:

Substrate Catalytic Converters to suit Falcon BA-BF 4.0L Sedan
Fitted with Headers PH4490 or PH4495
Part No. CAT4490-95

Falcon BA-BF 6 Cylinder 2½" Cat Back System