PH 5363 - Commodore VT-VZ 5.7-6.2L 1⅞" Primary. TUNED Design.

Part #: PH 5363
P/Steering: -
Gasket: -
Air Con: -
Primary Pipe: 1⅞" (48mm)
Oxy Sen: -
Secondary Pipe: -
E.G.R: -
Outlet: 3" (76mm)
Y Branch: -
Fitting Time: -


These Headers are designed to have Pacemaker Automotive CAT5361-02’s and CAT5361-300’s use
Fits Crewman. Refer PH5366 for Adventra and Cross 8


Pipe over cone design
All pipes are mandrel bent
All flanges are precision laser cut
Painted in the distinctive PACEMAKER heat proof blue

Commodore VT-VZ 5.7L & 6.2L 1⅞" Primary TUNED