VTZ 225U - Commodore VT-VY 6 Cylinder Ute / Wagon. 2¼" Dual Stainless Steel Sports - Cat Back System. Stainless Tips.

Part #: VTZ225U
Center Assembly: VTZ225UC
Rear Muffler: VTZ225UR
Stainless Steel Tips: 605 x 2
Rear Pipe Assembly: VTZ225UPO - No Rear Resonator (replaces VTZ225R)


Rolled End Caps
409 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tubing

Straight Through Design Mufflers
High Flow V-Tex™ Merge Pipe
Adjustable Rear Hanger
New Hanging Rubbers and Clips
All Required Gaskets and Bolts

Commodore VT-VY 6 Cyl Ute/Wagon 2¼" Dual Cat Back