PH 5039 - Commodore VS 3.8L V6. Manuals with build date to 7/96. TUNED Design.

Part #: PH 5039
P/Steering: Yes
Gasket: DSF 83
Air Con: Yes
Primary Pipe: 1½" (38mm)
Oxy Sen: Yes
Secondary Pipe: -
E.G.R: N/A
Outlet: 2" (51mm)
Y Branch: N/A
Fitting Time: 2½ Hrs


Will fit variable ratio power steering
Getrag 5 speed with build date after 7/96 original Y branch will need modifying
Fits automatic but will not fit with automatic Series III Utes and Statesmans WITH Full Circle Bell Housing

Commodore VS 3.8L V6 Ecotec Manual TUNED

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