PH 5700 - Commodore VB-VK (Fitted with 5.0L EFI V8) Engine Swap. Competition Header. TRI-Y Design.

Part #: PH 5700
P/Steering: Yes
Gasket: DSF 63
Air Con: Yes
Primary Pipe: 1¾" (44mm)
Oxy Sen: Yes
Secondary Pipe: 2" (51mm)
E.G.R: N/A
Outlet: 2¼" (57mm)
Y Branch: N/A
Fitting Time: 3 Hrs


Will not fit VL
Will not fit with manual steering rack
Suitable for 5.7 litre or supercharged motor

These Headers will fit the following gearboxes:

Australian four speed with cable clutch
Commodore VN-VS five speed
Supra 5 speed with Hatfield bellhousing & crossmember
Holden Trimatic
Holden Turbo 400
Holden Turbo 350
Commodore Turbo 700 four speed auto
Commodore Getrag five speed (VT gear box)
Ford Top Loader

Commodore VB-VK 5L EFI TRI-Y Engine Swap Competion