ICE Ignition systems are very good, probably the best on the market.

These kits include: Distributor, Ignition Control, Wiring Harnesses, Coil & Plug Wires.

Choose the required parts in the selection box to custom build your own ignition system to suit your requirements.

Chrysler Big Block 392 Hemi V8

Choose kit from these options
Distributor Cap
  • Choose between the following options:
    *7AMP Street Kit - 16 Curves & Vacuum Advance.
    *7AMP Street/Race Kit - 80 Curves & 2 Step RPM Limiter.
    *7AMP Street/Race Nitrous Kit - 80 Curves, 2 Step Limiter & Switchable Retards.
    *7AMP Forced Induction Kit - Vacuum & Boost Referenced

    More options inc:
    Small or Large Cap Distributor
    **Where Applicable**

    Cast, Nylon, Bronze or Steel Gear
    **Nylon Option is for some 6cyl engines only**

    Additional Voltage Booster
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