ICE Ignition systems are very good, probably the best on the market.

These kits include: Distributor, Ignition Control, Wiring Harnesses, Coil & Plug Wires.

Choose the required parts in the selection box to custom build your own ignition system to suit your requirements.

Chevrolet W Head 348-409 V8

  • Choose between the following options:
    *7AMP Street Kit - 16 Curves & Vacuum Advance.
    *7AMP Street/Race Kit - 80 Curves & 2 Step RPM Limiter.
    *7AMP Street/Race Nitrous Kit - 80 Curves, 2 Step Limiter & Switchable Retards.
    *7AMP Forced Induction Kit - Vacuum & Boost Referenced

    More options inc:
    Small or Large Cap Distributor
    **Where Applicable**

    Cast, Nylon, Bronze or Steel Gear
    **Nylon Option is for some 6cyl engines only**

    Additional Voltage Booster