Basic Wiring Harness 8 Fuse NO IGN OR HEADLIGHT System - Hotrod Street Race V8

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Basic Universal Wiring Harness -

No Ignition/Headlight

#PROCOMP8B (Not Procomp Electronics)

Fuses - 8

Circuits - 11

Pre-Wired Terminals - 11

Accessory Kit - N

Column Connectors - N

Dimmer Switch - N

Headlight Switch - N

Ignition Switch - N

Turn Signals/Flasher Harness - N

Engine Harness - N

Pre-Wired Harnesses - Y

Keep It Clean's ProComp series of ultra small wire systems feature an easy to install design and allow for expandability for future growth.

Keep It Clean Wiring Systems use only the highest quality wire and parts resulting in the ultimate wiring kit.

To make installation a snap all Keep It Clean kits included detailed instructions, color-coded and labeled wire, and plug n play connectors.

In addition to that you have access to certified toll free tech support to assist you with your installation and future wiring needs.

Keep It Clean's ProComp series offers an ultra small fuse block that can be mounted in any position including under the dash or seat!

Ideal for hot rods, race cars, and custom installations.

Basic Wiring Harness 8 Fuse NO IGN OR HEADLIGHT