800+hp LSX 427ci 7.0ltr V8 Gen4 Holden Chev Procharged
Horsepower World Procharger Supercharged/Intercooled

427ci LSX 7.0ltr Engine 800+hp

This is our super tough street/strip 427ci-800+hp LSX engine


For Serious Hot Rod, Tough Street, Street-Strip and High Performance Cruising.


LSX Iron Block
Callies Forged 4.00" Crank
Callies Forged H-Beam Rods
Mahle Forged Pistons
Mast 3-Bolt Core Custom Grind Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
LS3 Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Cloyes Roller Timing Chain Set
Mast Motorsports LS3/L92 CNC Ported Aluminum Heads
Stainless Steel Intake Valves / Inconel Exhaust Valves
Mast Nitrided Beehive Roller Springs
ARP Head Studs & Main Studs
GM/Mast Roller Rockers
Manley Chromemoly (1) Piece Pushrods
Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
Ignition Coils
F1R Serpentine Procharger Supercharger Kit
Universal Air/Air Intercooler Package
This hand built LSX based engine utilizes a camshaft that has a strong lope that creates great mid and high RPM power for the customer that will be aggressively racing their vehicle, but still wants great street manors for a daily driver. Huge Power & Torque for a small cube street weopon

We can certainly upgrade this engine to a much higher performance level or we can build any engine for you to suit exactly what you want to do. Please call with any questions and for best pricing or if you need any performance engine for any application.

Here at Horsepower World we have a huge range of LS engines for many applications with a range of sizes from 400ci to over 454ci, Supercharged & Natrually Aspirated!

Please call with any enquiries.

The LSX 427’s heart and soul is the new GM Performance LSX Iron block. The LSX designation has a HPW engineered camshaft that is custom ground on a LS3 cam core. The 427 foundation is a honed and decked LSX iron block with a 4.000” forged Callies rotating assembly with Mahle pistons

800+hp LSX 427ci 7.0ltr V8 Gen4 Holden Chev Procha