Custom Built & Crate Engines

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Custom built Street & Racing Engines have been our specialty since day one.

With many years of experience building the most premium quality engines. We can help with any style or purpose to suit your requirements.

Specialising in mostly V8 Engines.

We build all the popular brands such as Ford, Chev, Holden, Chrysler and more. Naturally Aspriated & Forced Induction

If you don't require a custom built engine we can do all of the generic style "Crate Engines" with regular shipments from the USA.

Of course its not just Engines we do. We can supply All Engine Parts, Accessories, Transmissions,  Diffs, Fuel Systems and everything else you might need for your project.

Engine Dyno Tuning Service


COMING VERY SOON....  One of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast's Only Performance Engine Dyno Tuning Centre.     

We can fully Test & Tune your Street or Race Engine out of the car in a controlled environment in our new Engine Dyno Cell. 

The Latest 2500HP Superflow Engine Dyno is currently being installed for..

  • Engine Run-In

  • Pre Vehicle Installation Checks

  • Carby & EFI Tuning

  • Race Testing & Simulation

  • Engine/Component Development

  • Media Testing

  • Endurance Testing

Enquire now on (07)32901759 or send us an email to find out more.