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Factory Five 35 Hotrod Truck

At Horsepower World we have spent a lot of time researching the different options and companies, looking for one that can supply an extensive and customisable range of Hot Rod & Cobra kits. We are proud to now be the Australian & NZ Distributor for Factory Five Racing.

Create the car of your dreams and let us help you bring it to life for you or simply buy a kit and Build Your Own.

Option 1:

We can build you an ADR Approved, Engineered, Street Registered Modern Hot Rod or Cobra unlike any other in the Country. Get in quick, as this option allows us to only build 3 cars per year in house. (*Engineering Conditions Apply)


Option 2:

Alternatively we can build you a next level Play Car, Competition Car, Race Car or Show Car, That Handles & Stops with unheard of Mind Blowing Performance. With unlimited engine and performance options.

Option 3:

You can simply order you own kit through us and

You Can Build It How You Want It. We can help you with Engine, Brakes, Suspension, Paint & Interior choices.

## Some kits are available to purchase in stages or complete with everything you need. ##

Mk4 Roadster - Mk4 Challenge Car (Race)

The Factory Five Mk4 Roadster is the world's best-selling, best-engineered, and best-performing replica of all time.

There is no better way to honor a legacy than to continue it. The Mk4 Roadster is designed to accurately reproduce the looks of the legendary 427 Cobra*, keeping its essence intact, while using modern technology, parts, and materials to improve performance, reliability, and comfort.

Factory 5 Mk4 Roadster, AC Cobra, Kit Car, 427, Horsepowe World
Factory Five 33 Hotrod, Horsepower World

33' Hot Rod

At Last! A Hot Rod That Handles.

The Factory Five '33 Hot Rod started from the idea of using our product template on the Hot Rod. The idea was to stay as traditional as possible, but make performance and drivability the focus.


So many options.... Full Guards, Mini Guards, No Guards,

Hard Top, Soft Top, No Top. Revised Flat Nose and much more.

Factory Five Australia, 33 Hard Top Hotrod

Hard Top & No Guards

33 Hotrod Factory Five Soft Top, Horsepower World

Soft Top & Mini Guards

33 Flat Nose Hotrod, Factory Five, Horsepower World Australia

revised flat nose version

High Tech Hotrod Chassis, Factory Five Australia

high tech chassis design

Speedstar Coupe

The Ridler Award-winning Speedstar body now drives as good as it looks with the proven Factory Five performance Hot Rod chassis underneath!

The Speedstar is the newest way to build a true Factory Five custom that delivers style and performance!

Factory Five Australia, 33 Speedstar Coupe, Horsepower World
35 Retro Truck, Factory Five Australia, Horsepower World
Barrett Jackson Special 35 Hot Rod Ute, Factory Five Australia
35 Hot Rod Truck Ute Flat Nose, Horsepower World Australia, Factory Five

35 Truck

Period-Correct Wicked Fast '35 Truck!

The all-new Factory Five ‘35 Hot Rod Pick-Up Truck delivers renowned Factory Five handling and performance, but in a cool, period-correct cruiser. Features like a bench seat, functional 5’ truck bed, traditional doors, and large cab make this performance Hot Rod into a fun cruiser. Vintage style on the outside, and with a curb weight of 2,380 lbs., it is still wicked fast!

Choose from the Revised Flat Nose, 33 Swooping Nose or go for the

Barrett-Jackson Special Edition including lots of extras.

Type 65 Coupe - Type 65 Coupe R (Race Spec)

The Best of 1965 and Today.

The Type 65 Coupe is designed to be an accurate replica of the original 1965 World Championship Daytona Coupe. The Factory Five Type 65 Coupe captures the look and feel of the original 200 mph GT cars, but as with all Factory Five designs, it is more reliable and comfortable.

Type 65 Shelby Daytona Coupe R Race Spec, Factory Five Australia Horsepowe World
Type 65 Shelby Daytona Coupe, Factory Five Australia Horsepower World
Factory Five 818 Sports Car, Horsepower World Australia, Subaru Kit Car


The Factory Five 818 is about handling and driving fun. It has already become one of our most popular component cars, and has attracted a whole new generation of car builders..

The Factory Five 818 is an affordable two-seater, mid-engined car that is a modern original design rather than a vintage replica. The 818 has running gear that can be found anywhere on the planet and can be built in both right-hand and left-hand drive configurations. Check out our own ELECTRIC MOTOR & ECO-BOOST options below.

GTM Supercar

Fastest Car You Will Ever Build in Your Garage.

The GTM is our flagship supercar, and has come to symbolize our technological abilities. The car is drop-dead gorgeous and it runs with the very fastest supercars on the planet. Every drive in a GTM is accompanied by camera phones stuck out the window of other cars and thumbs up from other drivers. More than the rock star looks, this car is simply the most brutally fast machine you will ever build.

GTM Supercar by Factory Five, Available at Horsepower World Australia
F9R Hypercar by Factory Five, Available at Horsepower World Australia

F9R Hypercar

A Brand New Factory Five Concept Car

Scheduled production due for late 2020

Rear Suspension / Drive Options 


4 Link - Good


3 Link - Better

IRS Suspension

IRS - Best

KONI Double Adjustable Suspension & Wilwood Brake Options Available.

Engine Options

Our IN-HOUSE built cars are offered with a Brand New GM HSV 317kw 6.2ltr LS3 or step it up with a GM HSV 410kw Supercharged LSA Engine with Australian Engine Numbers for Registration purposes.

Other brands and many options are available by request.

Although engine choices are almost endless. SBC, LS, SBF WINDSOR, BBF, COYOTE, HEMI

There are many option to have a street legal supercar or outright race, show or competition vehicle.

We can supply any of the popular Crate Engines or Custom Build you an awesome Engine to suit your special requirements.

Ask us about Automatic & Manual Transmissions which can also be combined to our Engine Packages.

 Additionally Complete Turn Key Options with ECU, Wiring, Accelerator Pedal and Bolt On Accessories are available.

Ford Coyote 5.0 Crate Engine at Horsepower World

COYOTE 5.0     435-460HP

Ford Crate Engines & Custom Built Engines at Horsepower World
Ford Aluminator 5.2 Crate Engine at Horsepowe World
Custom Ford Coyote Engines, Turbo, Supercharged at Horsepower World









Custom Built Windsor Engines at Horsepower World
Custom Built Big Block Ford Engines at Horsepower World







LS3 Crate Engines at Horsepower World

LS3 6.2     430-495-525HP

Chev Crate Engines & Custom Built Engines at Horsepower World
LSA Crate Engines at Horsepowe World
LT4 Crate Engines at Horsepower World
LT5 Crate Engines at Horsepower World

LT5     755HP

LSA     556HP

LT4     650HP







Small Block Chev & Big Block Chev Custom Built Engines at Horsepower World
Custom Built LS Engines at Horsepower World






440ci +

392 6.4 Hemi Crate Engines at Horsepower World

392 HEMI 6.4     485HP

Mopar & Chrysler Crate Engines at Horsepower World
Hemi Hellcat 6.2 Crate Engines at Horsepower World

HELLCAT 6.2    707HP

Hellephant 1000HP Hemi Crate Engines at Horsepower World


Custom Built Hemi Engines Supercharged at Horsepower World


Ford Ecoboost 2.3 Turbo Crate Engines at Horse power World


A great alternative engine to a V8.

This is a compact turbocharged 4cyl engine that makes over 300HP in stock form with plenty of potential for even more power with minimal mods.

EV Conversions, Electric Motors for Cars, EV, Electric Conversions, Parts & Installations at Horsepower World


Thats right you read this correctly.

For something really different, why not go ELECTRIC.

We already have an Electric conversion for the 818C

featured above. This would make a great looking sports car with a modern electric twist.


Also a great idea for any the other cars above.

Additionally we are currently working on EV (Electric Vehicle) Conversions for almost any car on the road.

Specialising in EV Conversions for Historic & All Muscle Cars.

Plenty of POWER available with No Emissions.

33 Hot Rod (Factory Five) by Horsepower World
33 Hot Rod (Factory Five) by Horsepower World

Build your own Hot Rod. Or we can build you the Ultimate car of your dreams

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Cobra Factory Five by Horsepower World
Cobra Factory Five by Horsepower World

Build your own Cobra or we can build you the Ultimate car of your dreams

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